About Us

About Ngoc Huy Studio

Ngoc Huy Studio is a famous photographer in the industry. Real name is “Nguyen Huu Huy” his life and career is burning with passion, photography and art. That’s what motivated him to form a company specializing in the following fields:
  • Photography training
  • Wedding photography
  • Wedding dresses for sale and rent

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Let’s learn about Ngoc Huy Studio with us!

1. History of formation & development

Head office: 231 Pham Van Hai, Ward 5, Tan Binh District, City. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
Phone: 0899 168 166
Ngoc Huy is a famous photographer in the wedding industry for many years. He is a professional photographer, serving flycam wedding photography, outdoor, studio, wedding reportage, … professional.
His wedding photography trend is loved by many customers. According to customer comments: Each set of Ngoc Huy’s wedding photos shows its own quality. With styles and trends both fresh; Young and well executed.
For that reason, Ngoc Huy Studio has affirmed its confidence and reputation in service quality in recent years.
Therefore. Ngoc Huy Studio is a destination for wedding couples. If you are looking for a wedding photography service or a photography training course. Surely you cannot ignore Ngoc Huy Studio.
The place to help you perfect and own the most beautiful and perfect wedding photos!

2. Ngoc Huy’s business lines

a. Photography training

b. Wedding photography service

  • Flycam wedding photography
  • Outdoor wedding photography
  • Studio wedding photography
  • Studio wedding photography
  • Filming a wedding reportage

c. Wedding dresses for sale and rent

3. Vision and mission of Ngoc Huy

To become a reputable and sustainable company in the field of photography and weddings. Ngoc Huy also offers a variety of short courses; Practical training helps students who are passionate about photography to quickly graduate. At the same time, students are exposed to the latest modern equipment available at Ngoc Huy.