Basic to advanced photography course

In the basic to advanced photography course of Ngoc Huy Studio, what will you learn? Coming to Ngoc Huy Studio, you certainly don’t have to spend too much time. You will be interacting between theory and practical application right away. In-depth knowledge of cameras and tools. As well as Ngoc Huy will help you know how to capture basic photo composition when you need to take a good photo.

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Basic to advanced photography course

What will you learn in the basic to advanced photography course?

  • You will get acquainted and learn about the most popular cameras
  • Learn about Lens
  • Understand the accessories that come with the camera
  • How to hold the camera and camera holding positions
  • Learn about camera parts and features
  • Understanding resolutions and shooting modes
  • The concept of basic parameters
  • Preset shooting modes
  • Advanced shooting mode
  • Light metering modes, focusing techniques
In addition to the technical specifications of the camera. The photography techniques include: Landscape photography techniques, portrait photography techniques, everyday photography techniques, Panning techniques moving, Beautiful Bokeh techniques and camera selection tips.
Did you know: “Photography is an art that many people love to pursue. With this subject, regardless of age, small or large, geographical or regional distance, all are evaluated at the top. Photography art in the world comes from the basic knowledge and the simplest camera techniques.

This basic to advanced photography course is the one for you!

Photographer Ngoc Huy with more than 20 years of artistic photography experience. He is a well-known expert in the industry. Many of his students across the country have been opening art photography studios. Most, in the world of photography, when it comes to the name “Ngoc Huy”, everyone knows it.

So, if you are interested in the subject of “photography”, come to

Instructor Ngoc Huy will wholeheartedly support you, helping you quickly master the knowledge and immediately apply it to practice.

Who is the basic to advanced photography course suitable for?

  • Suitable for those who are passionate about the art of photography.
  • Students who are interested in the art of photography and want to pursue a career in photography. Especially for students majoring in: Journalism, Television; fashion; PR, media,..
  • Wedding photography shop owners, wedding photographers or people who work in photography-related art.
  • Photographers want to learn to improve their skills and professional knowledge
  • Reporters; journalist; marketing; designer….

Advantages of taking a photography course at Ngoc Huy Studio

Here, you will be consolidating and improving your knowledge and professional skills. The art of taking pictures quickly. More specifically, you can create beautiful photos methodically. You will know how to choose the scene; Time and light as well as the right angle to take pictures.
At the same time, coming to Ngoc Huy Studio you will save time. And can live satisfied with passions, get rich from photography.

To join the course of photographer Ngoc Huy. Please contact: 0899 168 166 to book an appointment. In addition, if you have any questions, please contact Ngoc Huy Studio for the fastest response!


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