Dalat wedding photography package

Dalat wedding photography package for many couples who love the scenery of Da Lat. Da Lat wedding photography price list and the most beautiful Da Lat wedding photography locations for 2023, you may be interested.

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Dalat wedding photography package

What does Dalat wedding photography package include?

  • Take photos with the hottest places in Da Lat in 2023
  • Makeup & hair changes throughout to match the concept
  • Fresh flowers & premium fabric flowers and concept accessories included
  • Wedding photography outfit: Wedding dress – Wedding suit – Optional outfit

Note: Wedding photography packages will be changed depending on the quantity and time taken. That’s why, when you want to know a detailed price list of Dalat wedding photography, please contact: 0899 168 166 for further to support!

The cost of Dalat wedding photography may arise

When taking pictures outside, you may incur the following costs:
  • The cost of accommodation of the bride, groom and crew on the day of the wedding photo shoot
  • The cost of moving from Saigon to Da Lat province

Besides, there are often expenses that couples have to spend when combining Dalat wedding photography and travel. These are expenses that are not related to the wedding photography. But Ngoc Huy noticed that some couples often take advantage of this opportunity for the couple to have memorable memories together in Da Lat.

Is it possible to take wedding photos in Dalat on a rainy day?

The problem of many couples wonder: Is it possible to take wedding photos in Dalat on a rainy day?

Usually, a rainy day will cause difficulties for couples. However, it is also possible that for some reason you cannot choose the right weather day as expected. Then Ngoc Huy will help you own sparkling pictures in rainy days. However, you and the team will have a specific plan based on the experience of photographer Ngoc Huy.

Typically as:
  • Choose neat and comfortable clothes
  • Take advantage of the rain as a background

Sometimes the sun will give warm rays. As for the rain, it will bring a romantic love, the scene under the rain, a beautiful and very real moment.

Wedding attire suitable for the weather. Instead of choosing wedding dresses that are really floating, switch to a wedding dress that is light and easy to move.

The hottest Dalat wedding photography location in 2023

Da Lat is one of the valley cities of love. With a really fresh atmosphere that is loved by many people. Always wish to set foot in the city of thousands of flowers once. Here, not only can help couples have a beautiful wedding photo album but also have great memories.

Ngoc Huy has more than 20 years of experience in wedding photography in Da Lat. With new and beautiful places, the hottest we always catch fast.

  1. Minh Hoa Seminary
  2. Dalat Camp
  3. Bao Dai Palace – Ding I, Ding II, Ding III
  4. The Nest DaLat
  5. Church of Donbosco
  6. Cadasa Resort Dalat
  7. Laan Hill Da Lat
  8. Cloud Hunting Hill
  9. Wooden bridge to hunt rattan
  10. Pine forest
  11. Cool camp
  12. Fern forest
  13. Golden Valley
  14. Lonely pine tree
  15. Tuyen Lam Lake
  16. Purple stream
  17. Xuan Huong lake
  18. Ankroret Hydroelectricity
  19. Resort Wonder
  20. Green Symphony
  21. Tomb of Nguyen Huu Hao
  22. Governor’s Palace
  23. Dalat Institute of Biology
  24. Station
  25. Chinese Temple
  26. U-Concept Film Studio
  27. Field Hydrangea
  28. Lavender Garden
  29. Cafe De La Rue
  30. Cafe story
  31. Dear Lover’s Cafe
  32. Cafe Yooberi
  33. Kokoro
  34. J’Adore
  35. Save Garden
  36. The Station View
  37. Da Lat street
  38. Co Giang Street
  39. Strawberry garden chrysanthemum
  40. Rose Garden
  41. Kombi Land
  42. Garden
  43. Khanh Vinh Pass
  44. Da Lat night
  45. Quan Duong
  46. Garden of Light Lumiere
  47. Hillside Street
  48. Tulutula’s Fairy Garden
  49. Lost in the fairy world
  50. Asked his ladder to heaven

50 extremely hot Da Lat wedding photography locations for 2023. If you love Dalat wedding photography, you definitely cannot ignore the above locations. When you have a need for a package wedding photography in Dalat, please contact immediately: 0899 168 166 for support from Ngoc Huy Studio’s team.

Address for wedding photography in Dalat package – prestigious

Ngoc Huy Studio at: 231 Pham Van Hai, Ward 5, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. As one of the prestigious Da Lat wedding photography addresses in the Ho Chi Minh city.

With many years of experience in wedding photography in Da Lat. Ngoc Huy’s team and crew always understand the locations and prices of wedding photography in Da Lat. We will certainly advise you on the right photography packages for your pocket. At the same time, when choosing the wedding photography package at Ngoc Huy, you are free to choose your wedding dress at the showroom: 231 Pham Van Hai, Ward 5, Tan Binh District, HCM.

Wedding dresses include:

  • Wedding dress
  • Wedding Vest
  • Ao Dai
Besides, there are also wedding accessories for more unique photo shoots.
Each set of Ngoc Huy’s wedding photos shown has its own features. Will definitely make you always satisfied with what you choose.

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