Korean style wedding photography in Studio

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Nowadays, it is the trend of young people to love taking pictures in Korean style in Studio. Instead of taking the light and air of heaven and earth as an outdoor scene; then get light from lamps and lighting equipment, cameras. At the same time, coordinate with the context to create a romantic story.

Highlights when choosing Korean-style wedding photography service in Studio

Light and delicate

Each style of wedding photography conveys a love story in its own way. In particular, Korean photography style always brings sophistication, lightness and romance. When you look at these trending photos, you will feel a very deep comfort and lightness.

Take a portrait style

Korean-style wedding photography focuses on light. Mostly close-ups and mid-ground shots to capture the emotions of the bride and groom.

The color tone is always warm and soothing

Korean style requires warm and soft tones. Do not apply much image processing, color. The wedding photo album has a pure and simple beauty that exudes the elegance of royalty.

Wedding dress

Korean-style photography requires inspiration from clothing. Because the bride and groom’s costumes are simple, elegant and exude a gentle beauty. If you’ve ever seen Korean wedding ceremonies, you’ll feel the simplicity of their hairstyle and makeup or choosing their wedding dress.

Korean-style wedding photography service in a prestigious Studio in Ho Chi Minh

Many couples are in the Ho Chi Minh area looking for a reputable Korean-style wedding photography service. Because you want to own a set of Korean-style wedding photo albums. As you have reviewed the highlights of Korean photography style above. This style simply focuses on the eyes, face, hairstyle and makeup. In addition, there are accessories, wedding dresses and in-camera visual effects.

You need to pay attention to the following points to have beautiful Korean wedding photos:

  • Makeup style for wedding photography Studio
  • Choosing a wedding dress design is as minimalistic as possible
  • Hairdo with simple and gentle styles
  • The context matches the concept

Korean-style wedding photography you must always keep in mind that “Simple” comes first. Because it is the style of Korean wedding photos. For the context, you should also choose bright, radiant colors and the backgrounds with enough colors to have a luxurious wedding photo album.

Wedding photos are emphasized on the emotions of the bride and groom. Therefore, the more minimalist the background, the more it enhances the beauty of the couple.

Wedding photography experience in the Studio

To own the beautiful wedding photos in life. All couples who are in love and getting married want to have beautiful wedding photos. However, to have beautiful wedding photos, the bride and groom also need to have valuable experiences for themselves.

You not only take pictures of the outdoors, but also take photos of the Studio, which easily captures all the emotions. The advantage of taking wedding photos in the Studio also saves a lot of costs. Please discuss with the photography team in the Studio to get concept ideas for you!

Coming to Ngoc Huy Studio, you are completely assured. Ngoc Huy’s team of consultants is very experienced in the field of wedding photography. Therefore, Ngoc Huy’s team will help you choose a wedding photography package that suits your wishes and requirements.

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