Photography training at Ngoc Huy Studio

Those who are interested in the art of photography? Want to be a professional photographer. Come to the photography training course at Ngoc Huy Studio. Here, experts will guide you through simple learning from theory to practical application. With full facilities and equipment for you to learn. Become a professional photographer quickly in a short amount of time.

What is photography?

Photography is a process of creating images by the action of light with film or light-sensitive equipment. Photography uses a special device to record images and objects through reflected light. From objects onto light-sensitive paper or film. Or by timing the exposure. This process is done by mechanical, chemical or digital devices [often called cameras or cameras].

Photography is seen as a result of combining many technical discoveries. Long before the first pictures were taken. The Chinese philosopher “Mo Tzu” and the Greek mathematician “Aristotle & Euclid” described the pinhole camera in the 5th and 4th centuries BC.
Wilhelm Homberg described how certain chemicals (photochemical effects) darken in 1694. Fiction books published in 1760 describe what photography means?

History of the invention of photography?

Around 1800, British inventor Thomas Webgwood made the first known attempt to capture images in a dark stream with a light-sensitive substance. He used paper or white leather treated with silver nitrate. Although he succeeded in capturing the shadow of objects placed on the surface in direct sunlight, and even creating shadow paintings on glass.
It was reported in 1802 that “The images produced by means of the camera were rather faint. In any moderate time, an effect on silver nitrate”.
These shadow images are eventually turned completely black.

What is the profession of today’s photographer?

Today, when it comes to the profession of a photographer, a Photographer is simply understood as the person who creates the photo. The photos created by photography are full of art, beautiful and unique.
So, when it comes to the profession of a photographer today is the popular movement of backpacking, bushwalking. Sort of, you can hold your own camera to explore life; Explore every route you want to go.
At the same time, every place you go to will record the mark; journey. Through a good camera; through the quality lens of a real photographer.
That’s why, people divide photographers into 2 groups:
Professional photography
Amateur photography
As before: Photography is considered a hobby, a normal passion. But today, photography is an ideal source of income. Professional photographers may work for certain companies or follow certain orders from that company.
For photographers, they will take on all the work such as editing products, selling products at exhibitions, etc.

Ngoc Huy Studio offers photography training

Nowadays, the demand for photography training is increasing day by day. To help students and photography enthusiasts understand quickly. Photographer Ngoc Huy is a veteran in the photographic art world. He is full of passion and enthusiasm for training in photography. Want to help you solidify knowledge in just short lessons. Sure to help you understand what photography is all about? What is it like to work as a photographer? At the same time, will support you to practice to master the knowledge.

Photography training course organized by Ngoc Huy Studio. This is a short course for students interested in photography. At the same time, shop owners, wedding photographers or studios want to open a shop. Or you can improve your photography skills through a short course.
Ngoc Huy will have more than 20 years of experience in photography. Anh Huy will convey to students the most understandable knowledge. With a set of textbooks and layouts you need to learn and pay attention to get the most out of it.
In addition to the above information, if you want to know more about the course, please contact: 0899 168 166 for the fastest support!
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