Studio Light Setup Style

Studio light setup style is a technique in photography. To create great photos, photographers need to know how to set up Studio lights. In this article, Ngoc Huy Studio wants to share with readers about the studio’s lighting setup style. So, if you are in need of opening a Studio or taking a photo of a Studio, you should know!

3 Techniques for Setup of Studio Lights

Ngoc Huy Studio would like to send to readers 3 techniques for setting up Studio lights as follows:

1. Setup technique with 1 light

Light is needed to create a portrait photo. However, not too many lights will make the picture good. What the photographer needs to do is to set up the flash. You need a diffuser to soften the light (sometimes called a diffuser) a reflector. For the best portrait lighting, you only need to set up a single light.
The technique of setting up studio lighting is very simple. Usually, the subject is placed just a few feet away from the background. The light source is an octagonal softbox with a length of 95cm. Place at a 45º angle to the subject.
The Octabox is made up of a fairly wide light source. It can be used without a reflector. The light is quite soft and allows the subject to turn and point wherever you want to pose. However, it is still advisable to choose a reflector to bring out the face of the darkness. The closer to the subject, the better.
A good example is an image created with a light source at a 45º angle to the subject. Medium size softbox tool is usually (2 x 3)3

For quality images, the light is as soft as possible. Because when placed as close to the model as possible without affecting the composition of the photo.
The reflector used is turned slightly away from the light source. You do this so that the entire reflective surface area fills the scene. Because for impressive light, only a small light source provides.
2. Setup technique with 2 lights
Having gone through the Setup technique with 1 light, let’s go through the setup technique with Ngoc Huy with 2 lights as follows:
Normally, tripod photography requires 2 light sources to provide the best and most consistent results.

Mostly, famous portrait photographers have done. Setup the right studio lighting, the studio portrait photos will be beautiful.

3. Setup technique with 3 lights

Shooting Studio with the 3-light setup technique is another way to set up portrait lighting. The art of sculpting light and shadow. You can create any mood for each photo.
Lighting setups are often used both in the field of photo and video lighting. However, this article only focuses on how to illuminate subjects in photography. Therefore, for more in-depth principles, you can contact Ngoc Huy for a private consultation.

The 3-light setup technique is a way of using 3 different light sources to illuminate a subject. Because there are 3 different light positions. Make sure the subject is well lit and control the shadows cast from the main light source. At the same time, the photographer also has to create depth for the subject.

Here is a video of Mr. Huy showing how to set up the Studio light:

You can immediately refer to Master Huy’s Studio shooting setup technique in the video above. In addition to the above information, if you want more support, please contact: 0899 168 166 for the fastest support!


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