Take a photo of a souvenir Ao Dai with Lotus

Tet to spring is an opportunity for us women to “Take a photo of a souvenir Ao Dai with Lotus”. White Lotus is a flower possessing pure beauty and respect, creating a feeling of peace. This is a very beautiful aquatic flower with the scientific name “Nelumbo lutea” with an average length of 1.5m – 2m. Usually, the habitat of this flower is hidden in the mud like in ponds, lakes, and rivers. However, nowadays people can plant in landscape works, the campus is very large and beautiful. Or maybe ornamental pots.

Preserve purity with Ao Dai photos with White Lotus

Choose white lotus flowers to take souvenir photos to enhance the ethereal beauty of the girl. A girl’s aura and purity are hidden in these souvenir photos! Let’s take a look at the souvenir photos of Ao Dai with Lotus made by photographer Ngoc Huy Studio!

Ao dai with white lotus

The white lotus petals are competing with each other to bloom. Create a poetic beauty, bold Vietnam. There are many young women in their nineteen and twenty in their slender camisoles, showing off their graceful beauty beside those lotus petals..

Star girls can’t treat themselves to a few lotus styles. Especially, the slim and gentle body conceals the shortcomings with the ao dai. Photo album of ao dai souvenir with lotus flower is both new and unique. This season, the topic of taking photos of Ao Dai with White Lotus is very hot and popular with young people.

Cô gái dịu dàng bên những đóa sen trắng tinh khôi
The gentle girl next to the pure white lotus
You are a girl who loves privacy and sophistication. Choosing white ao dai combined with white lotus flowers is very reasonable. The difference between ao dai and camisole bras showing off her bare back, white skin like a teenage girl. Ao dai suitable for all ages can show off the secret beauty, the hidden charm of a Vietnamese girl hidden in a graceful ao dai by the lotus field.
Moreover, you can be completely comfortable with the style of taking photos of Ao Dai on the boat, on the bridge or lake or in the Studio. Ngoc Huy Studio has many concepts to suit your taste. Make sure that you will own the most unique and impressive photo of a souvenir Ao Dai with lotus flowers.

Feel free to choose the latest Ao Dai

Coming to Ngoc Huy Studio is not simply a souvenir photo shoot. You can also choose the most beautiful and latest Ao Dai model of the 2023 trend. Because Ngoc Huy Studio is always available and updated with the latest and most beautiful Ao Dai models. Make sure customers are comfortable choosing the right ao dai.

Most of Ngoc Huy’s ao dai models have a variety of sizes. Therefore, customers coming to Ngoc Huy are completely assured that they do not have a suitable Ao Dai. Besides, Ngoc Huy owns a team of experienced staff to advise on choosing ao dai. Make sure all customers coming to Ngoc Huy are really satisfied with their preferences and desires. You just need to tell our team your preferences and requirements. We will give you ideas, composition and create the most beautiful and satisfactory photos.

Ngoc Huy Studio takes top souvenir photos of Ao Dai in Ho Chi Minh

Ngoc Huy Studio has full equipment and professional cameras. And experienced photographer in the profession. Create beautiful frames with their own beauty and uniqueness. You can choose a romantic or personal style, traditional or modern. All styles of Ngoc Huy meet the most perfect.
Ngoc Huy Studio is proud to be the leading wedding photography unit in Ho Chi Minh. Besides, we also rent professional wedding dresses and dresses. Guaranteed package for the most perfect and professional photography services.

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