Which studio is the best for wedding photography?

Which studio is the best for wedding photography? You are in Ho Chi Minh and want to find the best wedding photography studio. Please choose 1 of the 12 hottest wedding studios in Ho Chi Minh City below! This is a list of 12 wedding photography studios that are considered the most beautiful.

  1. L’amour at District 2, Thu Duc city
  2. Green House in District 2, Thu Duc city
  3. The Vow Wedding House at District 2, Thu Duc city
  4. Maze of Space at Tan Phu District
  5. Deja Vu in District 7
  6. White House in Go Vap District
  7. RUE 84’s at District 10
  8. Moc Thanh in District 7
  9. Jeju in Tan Binh District
  10. Alibaba in Binh Thanh District
  11. Long Island Stone Castle in District 9
  12. Orange Studio in Thu Duc city

Above are the famous filming locations in the districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Professional wedding photographers often choose these studios to create stunning Wedding Photo Albums.

Experience in choosing a wedding photography studio

As was introduced about 12 outstanding film studios of Ho Chi Minh City above. The experience of choosing a wedding photography studio will help young couples easily find a suitable studio.
Wedding photography at the studio is loved by many couples. Because when taking wedding photos on set, you can save time and money without spending a lot of effort. The setting in the movie studios is very diverse to choose from. To make things simpler and more convenient, couples should refer to the wedding photography experience shared by Ngoc Huy Studio.

First, find yourself a reputable Studio. Then learn about all the above studios how to see the settings in those studios? What do the wedding photos taken at those studios look like? To know this, please see the wedding photos of the studios here: Studio wedding photos. Then you should ask the experts at the Studio, a prestigious photo institute. It is also possible to consult with friends, relatives or on the Internet. You choose the photos that you like the most and then tell the Studio team. They will help you come up with star concept ideas that suit your interests and requirements.

Ngoc Huy Studio always creates new and unique wedding photo albums

The concept idea is the step that the bride and groom need to discuss to choose a filming set. The advice is for you not to frame your Wedding Album. Then, think of an idea that is new and true to the personality of the bride and groom.

You discuss with the Ekip team to find the right context and costumes.

Advice on choosing a scene: “Choose a natural scene”

The setting in the studios is always decorated according to the famous natural scene. It is possible that the castles were built according to the ancient. It can also be a miniature flower garden. There can also be massive European-style buildings,…
The biggest trend is still outdoor wedding photography. Because for diverse styles and contexts of nature and atmosphere. Gives a very real beauty. Therefore, when choosing a wedding photography studio, you should also prioritize and pay attention to choosing a natural context.

Most of the film studios have outdoor spaces, which are staged very naturally and harmoniously. There are also swings, a forest, and a gate of love. Each setting comes with a story.
Wedding photography at Korean-style studios is also gaining popularity in recent years. The makeup of the Korean style is very gentle, the light effect is fresh, the background is simple, and the style becomes natural and gentle. That, makes the photos natural beauty and very attractive.

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